Why the hell are you doing this?


How desperate and conflicted must someone be to kill random people in the street, in a club, a school; anywhere other than the designated shooting areas?

If you really feel the need to fire high velocity projectiles to relieve stress, go to a firing range, a hunting lodge or take up archery don’t go and shoot random people. there is no need, What do you gain? a bullet in the back? The reputation of being a terrorist? the fame?

I can’t see it being worth it.

Maybe we should just ban guns world wide. Is it going to be that simple? do we give every one guns? give children hostage negotiation skills? There are just so many questions that are going through my head since Sunday that I fear if I didn’t get them down I might explode. But the one that plagues me most is; What can I do to stop it? Or do I just have to try and make the world a bit better by giving to the homeless, listening to the ramblings of a mad man and trying to be as helpful as I can? Do I have to sit in hope that people will pay such kindness on?

IF this is the case I have to say I don’t think it’s enough.

What more can I do? What more can any of us do? is it ever going to be enough? Sometimes I wish there was a all powerful being out the to come and smite the human race and purge it of all the crap, all the scum and bile and let those who remain start anew as a species, as Man.


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