I Am (Not) A Feminist.

I try not to refer to myself as a feminist, there are several reasons for this but the biggest of the them are; A, I do hate to conform to a set “designation” that applies when you accept one of societies pigeon holes and B, Feminism’s not what it used to be.

I’m sure a lot of you are already starting your internal debate with me but please, let me explain.

Firstly let us start with the definition of Feminism according to the Collins English Dictionary


a doctrine or movement that advocates equal rights for women
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= female emancipation, women’s rights, the women’s movement, women’s liberation, women’s lib
Quotations including ‘feminism’
“Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less” [Susan B. Anthony
Translations for ‘feminism’
British English: feminism Feminism is the belief and aim that women should have the same rights, power, and opportunities as men. NOUN…a champion of radical feminism.

this was due to the suffrage of people (largely women) that knew that they have the same rights as men. (At least this is my abbreviated interpretation)

In a large part of the western world this is true and because of this feminism has had to evolve. However I don’t believe that women should now be fighting for the same “entitlements” given to men but fighting to challenge them.

For example to beat sexual assault of women on public transport by giving us our own carriage on the train or our own buses and exclusive taxi services is a step in completely the wrong direction.

What should be happening is, women should be empowered to challenge, children should be brought up knowing that we are all human and men should be taught to respect women; not because we are women, but because we are all part of the race of Man: But; in my opinion: we should also all learn to take responsibility for our own actions.

And I bet that internal debate with me is really gearing you up to comment in big ol’ capitals!

But wait, there’s more.

After reading a particular blog earlier I got me a thinkin’.

I have been trying to compile a piece like this one for a while but I keep hitting the road block of me coming  across as being one sided, thus losing my small following and possibly the respect of people I know.

However, it has dawned on me that is exactly the reason I should do this. I suppose you could say is is my suffrage for my fellow Man.

So to start I will refer back to the point I made earlier reg. public transport.

For example; most people fall in to one of the following groups when approached with the subject of rape: A) It’s all ways the victims fault (i.e. “she was teasing me”) or B) it’s always the ”rapist fault.” There are other people that argue it is about the circumstances and some that feel it is a right to abuse our fellow Man because they have to ascend the food chain quicker than everyone else.

Slightly small minded I know but I’m trying to avoid over complicating this, as is my tenancy.

Those in group A seem to believe in a certain amount of entitlement among them and their peers.

group B is those that believe that (in this example) women are entitled to better treatment because they are women.

Oh, I feel those capitals coming on again!!

And those two things there are what I was worried about.

I am not writing a blog about rape though, that is just to raise awareness of the point  I am trying to make.

The same argument can be raised about the work place, media bias, politics and so on.

There are those that believe they are “entitled” to better pay, the odd grope, more benefits or perks because of their gender or Class upbringing; there are those that feel because others are taking liberties in there positions of entitlement that they deserve the same (e.g “they get it so should I”, “because  I am a victim I deserve more”) and yes, the few that don’t pigeonhole very well.

And that is where the problem lies. No one person should feel entitled to anything because we are anything other than human.

Back to the blog i mentioned previously.


I won’t tell you about the contents, if you are with me so far I recommended you read it before I conclude my tour of this rabbit hole.

None of us are better, none of us are more deserving and everything has multiple sides.

basically what I am trying to say is when a man does price work doing heavy labor and his female colleague gets less because she didn’t carry as many barrows of cement, there should be a discrepancy in their pay;  however if a man and a woman work in an office and do the same amount and the same standard of work as each other they should get the same.

But these are not examples of sexism and feminism at work it is just fairness.

There is also the aspect of responsibility to it. As a woman in a heavy labor job it is likely that you would not be able to lift and carry as much as a man but that is nobody’s fault and as such you accept that you may have to work harder to earn the same. Where as when standing on equal ground they both have the right to equal pay and equal treatment. But this applies to any Man that is being oppressed or suffers from the delusion of “entitlement”.

We have the responsibility to look at both sides of the story, to challenge the concept of entitlement, try and educate the ignorant and accept the consequences of our own decisions and delusions.

No one Man is better than another. No one Man deserves better or worse than you. No one side is less valid than another.

Because we are Man. All of us.

Hang on though i am not quite finished.

When you look at international crime figures for sexual assault, hate crime or any other examples of oppression over a piticular group of Man every country has different rules. This means that our work is not yet done. There should be a universal base line, sort of a minimum requirement for the Human Race to conform too.

Impossible you say.

Impractical you cry.

But isn’t what they said about manned flight? The electric light bulb? Feminism?

I am not a feminist.

I am a humanist.

P.s I am aware that there are real victims of the terrible act done by Man and men in the world that are completely innocent but I refer to the onlookers and the survivors. It is our responsibility to respond by looking out for our fellow Man through education and positive challenge so that the next generation of Man can live together an Men.


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