Why the Working-Class Can’t Trust UKIP

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Members of the Tory leadership are not known for their support of workers rights, and the same is true for UKIP’s leaders. On the issue of Tory attacks on the working-class take for example Next’s Chief Executive Lord Simon Wolfson, who recently claimed that the £6.70-an-hour they pay many of their staff was “enough to live on”. This comes from a man who spent his youth at Radley College, a boarding school which charges over £30,000 a year for fees. It is also noteworthy that Lord Simon Wolfson’s wife is George ‘austerity’ Osborne’s economic adviser, while his father, who founded Next, was Margaret Thatcher’s Chief of Staff from 1979 to 1985.

Given that UKIP’s economic ideas are very similar to those of the Tories, it is little surprise that their leadership remains to the right of the Tory party. Emblematic of this is that around 40% of its prospective parliamentary candidates…

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