THe wrong game

As a consequence of writing this blog i am running late to go and see my mum, but it is partially my mum that has had me write this.

When I asked my mum a few weeks ago what she thought of “Comfortable Jumpers” she told me that it reads almost like I enjoy my depression and that any one that doesn’t know me will likely take it the same way , but the truth is my natural state of being. Any thing out side of the familiar territory of my natural habitat and it’s natural habits can be very tiring .

I am so used to this state of mind that its makes a lot of other more “normal feeling ” feel quite alien.

It would be like a ‘Townie’ going to a ‘Goth club’ or in my case vice-versa.

in short it is not my depression that worries me so much but the borderline personality thingy does.
As you can tell I really haven’t looked into that bit much because I always assumed that dark side was the problem, but I have started and now I know why I haven’t been winning and it’s because I’ve been playing the wrong game.

So tune in later for the Nix V. B.P.D match for updates on the ongoing game.

And in the immortal words of Bruce Buffer



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